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Lena Tekstil was founded in 2000 in Denizli on the production of home textiles, with 20 years of experience and the registered trademark “Lena Home”, it produces for the world. With its experience gained over 20 years, it continues its path as a special “brand” that is known and trusted for its quality in the textile sector.

In our 1.000 m2 closed production facility, we produce 60,000/piece bead silicone pillow filling per month, 25.000/ set duvet cover and other household textile products in our product range.

Lena textile” fiber pillow “production in Turkey with very small number of pillow filling automation” Lena Home " brand is engaged in domestic and international production.

In addition, we support the production of large and private brands at home and abroad. Our services have always been our first priority “trust” and “quality”.

The source of the success of” Lena Home " is our experienced and equipped team, our technological infrastructure that we have developed and provide with the value that we give to people. With our registered trademark, we produce our quality products in accordance with trends in the most suitable features for use forehead, Marketing Worldwide.